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All You Know


mysterylodge, Rob Banks and I had a long day yesterday working on All You Know. Was working on it till about 4am.

The above is not the final form, but the rest of the process is mostly sanding down and refining. Some of the original samples came from a track choronzon333 sent me to remix/play with from a Veil of Thorns track.

'All You Know' will be track 6 on the album... which is slowly nearing completion and release.

For those wondering, the two part back and forth at the end is:

When taken with gin and juice
Earth is stable and erect
Bait with the mouth
Mars has a permanent slouch
Dazed with this tripe
British testimony irrigates in my pants
The pills were the tide
You feel compelled
Turn on the television
Chinese eyeglasses gridlock Spain
a VCR aerosol slyly
controls your brainwaves
There was the overstuffed sofa
And Annie was behind it
Annie Wilkes was the lunar presence
which pulled them into his mouth like jetsam on a wave...

So where do we put the body?


These lines came from a cut-up we did with a bunch of spam mail I'd recieved, which wound up actually fitting the theme of the song in a weird way.
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