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Immanence of Myth - posted for feedback & discussion

The following are in-progress chapters for an upcoming work The Immanence of Myth, which picks up and expands on some of the ideas first presented in "Living The Myth" in Generation Hex. This will be an exploration of myth in its function as intermediary between human and world (represented as language, music, sculpture, or any other form of expression), and how the myth-making process underlies all of the beliefs that we hold about the world, no matter how logically consistent they are. Though it is my general preference to explore the creation of myths in different media – that is to do it rather than talk about it - I've been feeling lately that an expression of those underpinnings may be insightful, even useful for others. The book will be co-authored with Rowan Tepper, M.A. though the following was written by myself. Please forgive typos, structural inconsistencies and the like, as this book is still in production. It is being released in hopes of receiving feedback and generating conversation in unexpected corners, which will help strengthen the final form of the book.

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