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Inside Scoop On The Outside Culture

Last year, the editorial team and I ran over 500 articles on Alterati on topics as far reaching as sexuality and culture, underground art, gonzo event reports, black metal, ... teletubbies. A year of digging off the beaten path, and I must say, the best job I've ever had.

I wanted to highlight some of the ones I wrote that I thought might be most entertaining, most horrifying, most edifying, just most -ING! ...since it is quite likely you missed at least some of them. (Unless, of course, if you're one of the people who signed up to the RSS feed and read religiously.)

A Crime Against Self
Excuse Me, Who Are You? Perfect Blue Review
Deep Puddle Dynamics: Alex Grey's CoSM
Redefining The Real
Hacking At The Roots: (tales from the forest)
Wake Up Neo: There Is No Counterculture, You Twit
The Dark Side Of A Culture
Why I Pay For Showtime

Drawing Outside The Lines: Interview With David Mack
Alchemical Wedding: Interview with David Aronson
Keys To Success: Interview with Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls
Broken Saint: Interview with Brooke Burgess of Broken Saints
Sex & Fashion: Interview with Jeff Cohn

First Fridays (art scene):
First Fridays: Phoenix
First Fridays: The Ghosts of the Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum
First Fridays: Say Something

Post-Genre Blues (music):

Post-Genre Blues: Back To The Folk
Post-Genre Blues: The Death Of A Scene
Post-Genre Blues: The Fragile Army
Post-Genre Blues: Fusion

Because the video linking process changed, unfortunately many of the old embedded videos no longer work (you have to hunt through altertube for them.)
I'd like to fix that at some point, updating the code in the articles, but I seriously doubt I'll have the time... I still occasionally run articles on Alterati but I've kind of moved on, at least for the time being, to other endeavors when it comes to the bulk of my time and energy. Wes has taken the helm. Nevertheless, there is a lot of content hiding in Alterati from the past year.
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