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Vox Pop podcast

On October 8th (was it?) three of the authors and the editor of Generation Hex descended Vox Pop, a coffehouse/book store/publishing house in Brooklyn, to discuss some of the topics brought up within the book to a full house. Those people were myself (James Curcio), Shaun Frente, Micki Pellerano and Jason Louv. I believe to a certain extent we tailored what we discussed to the venue -- I noticed our conversation had a slightly more political slant at Vox Pop than it did at the event we did at Alex Grey's CoSM later in the month.

This is a the final (I believe) mp3 of the Vox Pop event which will be podcast through Disinfo and possibly Greylodge. The music was provided by various projects I have done with Scott Landes, and one Elektroworx track.

I am currently in the process of editing the audio from the CoSM event, which may be released on CD (or audio DVD, we're not sure yet) as well as pay-to-download mp3 at I will have final details on the release of that when we have them-- that event was in my opinion much more dynamic than the first, both as a result of there being more authors present, a bigger audience, and more of a panel discussion sort of format.

In the meantime, enjoy the free aural treats.
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