contraindicated for use with/for/by humans (agent139) wrote in smoking_beatnik,
contraindicated for use with/for/by humans

Marry Jane's Not A Virgin Anymore

"I was going to write something longer or maybe do an episode of The G-Spot to announce this find, however, I examined my feelings and found that I just don’t want to do either. Sarah was a no bullshit, DIY kinda girl. Her film and her memory deserve the kinda treatment she’d appreciate.

So, here’s the nutshell version:
Sarah was cool, I liked her. Some people found her abrasive, edgy or harsh. She was all of those things and like most (but not all) great artists I’ve known who were ‘eccentric’, it only made her more fun.

Mary Jane took the indy film world by storm. Sarah, unfortunately didn’t survive long enough to fully reap the benefits of the MJ whirlwind, and the film has yet to make its way to VHS, DVD or anything else, which is a travesty..."
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